Fort Wayne Siding Installation

Byers Construction uses a precise and comprehensive process for every siding installation project we take on. This process can vary slightly depending on whether vinyl siding, fiber cement or wood siding is being applied and whether all of the structure’s existing siding is being replaced or just some of it. Siding may also be added to a building that previously had none. As soon as a quote has been accepted and a date for the siding installation has been agreed upon, our crew will show up on the appointed day and prep the location. This consists of covering vulnerable landscaping that might be damaged during the installation process as well as relocating any items from around the building that could be damaged or cause dangerous working conditions for our crew. A dumpster will also be delivered to the site. We usually place this dumpster in the driveway, so you will need to keep the area clear of cars, etc. that might be blocking admittance.
With the site properly prepared, the installation work can begin. This includes the following steps. We remove your existing siding, soffit and fascia and secure any loose boards. All the old materials we remove will be secured in the dumpster. Sealant is applied around windows, doors and other areas as necessary to protect the home from moisture penetration. Furring strips are used as needed. The structure’s exterior walls will be covered with Tyvec house wrap. We’ll install drip caps, undersill trim and J channels around doors, windows and anywhere else needed. Exterior windows and door sills will be covered with aluminum. New aluminum or vinyl soffit and fascia are put into place. F channel is applied as needed under eaves, gables, etc. Next we install the starter strip and corner pieces. With this done, the new siding will begin to go up. J blocks are used wherever there are protrusions through the siding. To accent the new siding, we install decorative vinyl gable vents and louvered panel shutters if desired and applicable.
The last step is site cleanup. The job site is cleaned daily, but at the conclusion of the siding installation, we remove all coverings and sweep your yard with a magnetic roller to capture stray nails that could cause flat tires or accidental harm to come to you or your family. If items were moved from around your home, they will be returned to their original positions. The siding installation process is complete when we collect the dumpster, leaving you to enjoy the beauty and durability of your newly sided home or business for years to come.
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