Fort Wayne Roofing Contractor

Byers Construction is the premier Fort Wayne roofing contractor to call when you need roof repair or replacement. Whether the job is commercial roofing or residential, if you are in the Fort Wayne area, we have the knowhow, resources and technology to get your project done right. The first step is to develop a quote. Byers Construction will visit your site at a time that is convenient for you and that will least impact your work week. We are very flexible with our schedule so you don’t have to be. If requested, we can even do the initial roof inspection when you are away from home. We can simply leave our quote on your front step or email it to you afterwards. If you decide to hire Byers Construction for your roofing repair or replacement, we would then proceed to the planning stage.
Fort Wayne Roofing
We use standard 30 year shingles in all our roofing projects and will provide you with samples of the various colors and types of shingles available. If you need any help with the selection process, we will be more than happy to assist you. We can also provide addresses as examples of buildings in the Fort Wayne area that have used the kind of shingles you are considering to help you visualize your finished roof. Once you’ve selected all the materials that will be needed, we will schedule a time to do the installation. The whole process can usually be completed in two to three days. On the planned day of installation, Byers Construction will bring the shingles and all materials and tools necessary to remove your old shingles and perform the installation, protect your property and remove all leftover debris after the job has been completed.
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