Fort Wayne Roof Installation

Byers Construction follows a thorough, step by step process for every roof repair and roof replacement we perform. Once a quote has been accepted and an appointment scheduled to do the roofing repair, our crew will arrive on the day of installation and prepare the work site. This includes covering unprotected landscaping that could be affected by the installation. We will remove any items from around the house that could be damaged or create and unsafe work environment for our crew. An onsite dumpster will also be provided. This is usually placed in the driveway Note: We lay sheets of wood down to set the dumpster on to keep driveway from being damaged, so you will need to make sure there are no cars, etc. blocking access.
With the prep work done, our crew will then begin the removal of your old shingles. This is done with a combination of tear-off tools. Next, our crew will inspect the roof sheeting and replace it as necessary. Soil pipe flashings will be replaced and we will re-flash the chimney as needed. This would involve new aluminum or copper step flashing and counter flashing. All the old roofing materials will be disposed of in the dumpster, and the site will be cleaned daily for the duration of the job.
At this point, we begin the actual installation process. First, we will install an ice and water shield in valleys, around chimneys and skylights, and along eaves. Then we will cover the deck surface with Synthetic Underlayment or ASTM D-226 felt paper. The next step is to install an aluminum drip edge on gables and a gutter apron on eaves. We will also put in new roof vents and check the ventilation along the eaves. And finally, our crew will begin to lay your new shingles. We use 30 year dimensional and wood shake shingles or standing seam metal panels. All shingles will be nailed, not stapled to your roof. Valleys will be covered via the closed cut method per the shingle manufacturer’s specifications with the option for metal roofing valleys. Byers Construction offers a 15-year warranty on all our workmanship. Additionally, the shingles will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.
The final step is site cleanup. The site is cleaned daily, but on the last day we remove all tarps, pick up all debris, and sweep the yard for nails with a magnetic roller to keep you, your children and pets and your car tires safe from harm. Any items that were removed from around your home will be put back into place. When we remove the dumpster, your roofing repair or replacement has been completed, and your new roof is ready to be the crowning glory of your home or business while keeping you dry and comfortable for years to come.
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