Roof Damage and Insurance

It’s every homeowner’s worst fear. The National Weather Service issues a warning for severe weather in your area. You and your family ride out the storm safe from harm, thank goodness, but soon after you notice the dreaded drip, drip, drip. Your first move is probably to place assorted cooking pots and bowls around the house to collect the rainwater before it ruins your floorboards, carpeting and furniture, but what do you do next? Contact the insurance company where you bought your homeowners policy as soon as possible. Your insurance company will typically send out an insurance assessor to evaluate the damage and determine if your roof needs to be replaced or merely repaired and if your homeowners’ policy will cover the work. If the storm damage is covered by your insurance, they will usually request that you obtain some price quotes from qualified roofing repair contractors in regards to how much the work will cost. You may need to contact up to three different roofing specialists. Once this is done, you will review the quotes and decide which company has made the best offer. You then call the contractor of your choice, and they will proceed with repairing or replacing your damaged roof as needed. Upon completion of this work, your insurance company will pay the bill. Goodbye drip, hello peace of mind! At Byers Construction we’re always ready to help you reclaim your life when Mother Nature does her worst. We’ll get those pots and bowls back to serving their intended purpose in no time.
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